Do You Want to Work to Die?

What kind of world do we live in, when all we do is WORK, WORK, and WORK!!!!!!  But all the hard work gives us little to nothing in return?  Our society has been turned into a dollar machine operation.  Every American has money on their mind because this society has made life impossible without it. What makes it worst for Americans, is that only 1% of the population controls nearly half of the country’s wealth.  The 99 percent that are left have little to nothing to help them live a descent life. Since 1% of the population controls more money than they need, thousands and thousands of people are dying of minor illness because they cannot afford health insurance.

On average Americans work two to three jobs to make a living. Most of these people are the uninsured. The jobs they have do not provide them with health insurance.   People who are uninsured suffer from minor health issue because they cannot afford the prices of a regular doctor visit. A visit to a doctor office or hospital usually involves seeing the doctor, getting lab test done and receiving prescription for medicine. All of these procedures add up the total expense of the bill. There are currently 50 million people in the United Sates that do not have health plan insurance because they cannot afford it.

These people die from minor illness that where left untreated because they did not have the money to get treated. These people can get a bacterial infection and will self-diagnose, which in return do them more harm than good.  But do they have any other choice? No, they do not because they have no insurance to help them out, so they take matter into their own hands without any knowledge as to how to treat their illness. Everyone knows someone who has refused to obtain treatment because they knew they could not afford it. And everyone knows someone who has many hospital bills lying around their home to make them not want to set foot in another hospital again.

(This graph shows the relationship between income and uninsured in the United States.)

Now this makes you wonder are people working just to kill themselves.  Will I be working just to end up paying medical bills?  Most people get sick because they have to work long hours and don’t have enough sleep, but if they want to make a living they have to work.  So what can we do to change this outcome, since we are going to be in this position in the next 5 years?



FW: Burgess

Diana Ross, What a Voice!!!!! I never knew who was Diana Ross until my mother would play her songs Upside Down or Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. How I love these school. every time these songs where played, i knew it was the right moment to ask my mother about issue that bothered me or things I was puzzle about.

My mother is a person who does not share her feelings with anyone and sometimes it is hard to tell her things or enjoy a day with her because she was so stuck on her own views that she would neglect the views of others. she does not like when question why she makes us do a certain thing or why we cant do the things we want. And though the songs of Diana Ross, I got to understand my mother better, it is like the beat and the groove of the songs that set her free and not care for once, but to just breath.

Every time we play upside down, we start chatting a storm, and talk about everything and anything without judgement, but once the song dies down, so does our conversation and good time.  “Upside down and turn around” yup that how my mother became when Diana Ross grooves to the beat! it is through music that i got to know my real mother and it is through my mother that I got  love music.

FW: what pisses me off?

Telling people how to eat pisses me off. why does it matter how or  a person eats? I mean is not going into your mouth. is it? people say it’s not normal to eat a certain way or certain things. I mean please. we all do not eat the same food nor fine the same things to be tasty. and when we love food we tend to eat in a matter that might not be considered table matters. I mean who invented that idea.  i am not suggesting to eat like an animal or whatever you call it, just don’t tell people what or how to eat. If i love my spice then thats my problem, tell hell to what everyone else says.

I got a better idea how about me stop worry about how people and when people eat there food and worry more about our own health, that way we have less problems and besides food is good, and yes!!! I would say it. I love food, it is a form of art. Wait eating is also a form of art. lets not restrict peoples freedom to eat how they want. there is other issues to be worrying about.  and no the way you eat does not determine the person you are because people like to say stuff like that. chewing loudly, or whatever the case might be, is if you don’t like, don’t be near that person. gotta accept flaws also.

Eat how you want to eat and let it me. it is not up for discussion. Thank and good bye.

Favorite Halloween Costume

I would say the best costume of all time that I loved was my clown costume. I remember being 12 years old and not having a costume for Halloween. So at the last minute my mom went and brought me this clown costume. at first i was devastated because i thought i would look stupid and be made fun of, but i guess i was wrong. Apparently a clown costume scares people more than an ghost or any other costume. Boy did  I find this to be funny and I used it to my advantages. I was scaring people left and right, and in return I got a 1o gallon garbage bag full of candy. Yes!!!!!!!

Corn Dog Movie

I loved the the good witch. everytime it comes on I will stop what i am doing and go sit and watch it.  I love this movie because I love the idea of magic and how to use it with out exposing yourself to others. this one night it was on the hallmark channel around 1 a.m and i have to be in school by 7:00 a.a that day. so i sat and watch the movie, took a shower and went to school. I did an all-nighter that is not related to school. that was the best all nighter because i had nothing better to then just sit and relax. and guess what i was so not tired. it felt like I had solid sleep. and I am going watch the movie tomorrow night to start off my busy weekend.




FW: Most Stop Thing I Ever Done

One day, I decided to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family. I went  to the market and brought the ingredients needed for the meals. Once, i got home i went straight to the kitchen and started to cook the mash potatoes and gray, macaroni  and cheese, tuna salad, egg salad and garden salad. I was mixing the ingredients for the turkey and when I was done i went to go get the turkey to but the seasons on it. Guess where it was!!!! in the oven cooking, without  being clean or seasoned. and to make matters worse it was almost done. I started to panic because I have less then 2 hours to get everything done and I had no money to  buy a new one. Without thinking I  rushed to take out the turkey to wash it and put the seasons on it. Worse idea I ever came up with!!!!

FW: Who you like to me stuck in an Elevator with

I will love to be stuck in an elevator with Trey Songz for a whole day. the elevator will be located in space, with a fridator and a warm bed, and books to read.  the elevator will have shades, so we can open the shades and see the beautiful stars, that is right above us. we will see difference planets and places on the universe, fall asleep on each other arms and just enjoy each other company.

I will help him make new music and of course some are going be about me, be his good friends and show him as we will eventually show me who he is. He will be mine for that whole day and i will particular do everything on him. we might land on a new planet.

I love this man